Whey Optima 2 Lb



Premium Protein Complex Packed With 23G Of Protein Per Serving
Formulated With 5G Of Bcaas
3G Of Carbs
1G Of Fat

Intense exercise takes a toll on your muscles. Muscle protein is broken down during your workout and undergoes repair during post-workout recovery. Directly following a training session, your muscles are in desperate need of refueling. During this “anabolic window” it is essential to feed your body with a quality protein source. Ensuring the rebuilding of muscle tissue and restoration of depleted glycogen levels from exercise is important, as it prevents your body from going into a catabolic state.*

Decadent Dessert: For a rich and satisfying shake, mix with 5-6oz of water (or milk).
Smooth and Delicious: For a thinner shake with mild sweetness, mix with 10-12oz of water.

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