1-Testosterone Benefits:

Supports Increases in Lean Mass*
Helps Increase Muscle Hardness*
Supports Increased Strength*
Zero Conversion to Estrogen*
Helps Improve Muscle Definition*
Helps Increase Muscle Pumps*
Supports Fat Loss*
Supports Increased Protein Synthesis*

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Experience a pure clean and lean bulk with 1-Testosterone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals!

1-Testosterone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Bulk your best with 1-Test!

There’s game-changing anabolic compound that far exceeds what your body could ever naturally achieve in short period of time…

9 men used this compound in a 30-day university study and gained an average of 10.4 lbs of lean mass and increased their strength by an average of 92.2 lbs in total load on their bench/squat/deadlift!

That same compound has now been upgraded through a Cyclosome Delivery System to enhance its absorption by the body, and has been bottled up to help you achieve the same with 1-Testosterone by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals!

A pure lean bulker that helps you to put on solid dry gains, allowing you to bulk up without sacrificing any hard earned muscle definition. In fact, it actually helps to improve your definition.

Experience your best bulk yet with 1-Testosterone! Get it now!

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Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Cookies & Cream


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